Friday, April 15, 2011

Short Story Published on Smashwords

WEEK ONE--Continued
My first short story "Sweet Tea (or the Revenge of Barnard)" is now available for FREE on Smashwords at .  I will eventually put the link up on my sidebar under Smashwords Publications.  I intend to only publish my short stories here.  It is available now for Apple users via Stanza and online.  I haven't checked Kindle yet.  Soon, it will also be on Amazon and available to Sony readers.
The idea is to develop a platform of readers interested in my work via publishing free short stories on Smashwords, Amazon, and the other e-book platforms.  Please tell your friends.  It is easy to download them from by following my link above.  Just pass it on to your friends.

Perhaps the most satisfying part of the process of publishing my short story was getting an ISBN number.  That just made it feel so real.  The least satisfying part was designing the cover.  It seemed silly to me to even have a cover.  I think I am going to standardize my covers by coming up with a representative graphic (probably an infinite symbol) for all my novels with the title in the same font.  I will design it on Adobe Illustrator and turn it into a JPEG image.  I designed the current one on Paint.  Pretty simple and pathetic, really.  But, it's a short story.

I am distributing my query letter for Dark Mountain Mean to friends and family to get some feedback.  So far, the feedback has been encouraging.  I will make some small changes and begin the process this weekend.

I will continue to update this blog twice a week.  That is my plan for now.  If you have downloaded my short story, please leave a review and leave a comment here.