Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chalk It Up To Operator Error

Well, I experienced my first rejection letter today for Dark Mountain Mean. The funny thing is, it is my own fault. I queried two agents late Tuesday night (ok, it was actually Wednesday morning). I queried Jennifer Jackson at Maass Agency and Daniel Lazar at Writer's House. As I had their letters up, I went over them with my wife, I listened to some Pandora, checked out some writing blogs, etc. One of the blogs I had left comments on was Steve Laube's blog. He had responded directly to me and my wife and I had been discussing him.

I sent the letters off after my wife helped me edit them for clarity and consiceness. So, today I received a letter from Mr. Barr, the assistant for Daniel Lazar saying that Mr. Lazar felt that my project was not a good fit for their list. As I looked, I noted that I had actually queried "Dear Mr. Laube" which was just a disaster! I am sure even if my project were a "fit" for their agency, I would have been rejected. Heck, I would reject me!

The good news is that I have learned a valuable lesson. I am glad there are literally dozens of more agents to whom I can query. And perhaps this was a good thing. Maybe God has another agent out there that is a better fit. I am still excited. I got my first rejection! That is still something.