Monday, April 18, 2011


Well, task number one down.  So far, as of 7:34 pm central standard time, twenty seven good folks have downloaded my first self-published short story, "Sweet Tea."  Of course, I am elated.  I am looking forward to putting three more stories up soon. 

Also, I am anticipating some feedback (ratings and reviews) for the story.  The key to getting Smashwords to work for me is to get more people interested in my writing.  As far as that goes, I don't know what there is NOT to like.  Of course, I am biased. 

I plan on submitting different types of stories with different themes.  I will prepare a post about them as soon as I have them published.

With the task of getting the first story on Smashwords, the next task will be to get the other three stories ready for print.  That means, I have to find them first.  Oh, I have two of them completely written, but I cannot seem to find them.  Not on my hard drive, not on any thumb drives I have scrounged up so far, and I am having a problem finding my writing file that has the hard copies. 

Alas, I anticipate locating them tonight and beginning the process of editing, re-typing them, formatting them and getting them up on Smashwords.  One is a crime/comedy, one is a literary nostalgia piece and the other is western.  Like I said, I just need to clean them up a bit, dust them off and get them ready. 

Also in the works: I have begun re-reading my next manuscript to get myself in the framework of the story again.  I had put it down for almost two years and haven't worked on it.  Strange though, I have found myself thinking about the characters, the plot and the circumstances surrounding the events in the novel almost constantly.  Things keep cropping up to remind me that I still have a story to finish there.  It is a good story and I can't wait for it all to unfold.