Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Obama Administration and 2010

Well, it has been no picnic, has it Mr. President?  And why did you want so badly to do this?  Power? Change?  Ok.  With the War on Terror dragging on just like it would have without you in power, it brings to light your comments during the election that mocked the policies at the time. 

And enviromentalists.  You didn't ever think during the election you would have them beating down your doors all hopped up on soy lattes and veggie burgers.  You thought they were in your camp.  That was before you let BP off the hook, let the false security of their promise that their drilling technologies were sound lull you to sleep at the proverbial wheel. 

I, for one, do not fault you directly for either of these missteps.  You inherited some poor situations and haven't handled them any better than your predecessors.  And I wasn't convinced you were going to.  You were doomed, Mr. President.  Superman would have failed.  You have inherited a broken America.  A broken world. 

Health Care? You should drop that for now.  Economy?  Do you really have any control over that? Afganistan?  Worthless cause.  Why are we there?  Why stay?  Why spill blood--good American young men--when everyone else has abandoned the cause?  Why stay when the Al Queda has moved on to greener pastures?

And McChrystal? Wow.  This sort of pistol-toting, flag-waving, snuff-spitting was the exact reason you won the election over McCain.  The McChrystal-Bush clone is a renegade in camo, a wanna-be politician who openly sought to create a new nation through his COIN military initiative, a guy that was already wrapped in controversy and had a history of insubordination. And this was your guy.  After criticizing McCain for not properly vetting his running mate, you assign McChrystal who by all accounts seems intelligent but beligerent and unconcerned with chain of command.

COIN was a few cents short of being a viable military policy.  It has never worked in real life.  Never.  McChrystal is no Alexander or Cyrus the Persian.  He is no Ghengis Kahn.  He is no Napoleon, even. His Waterloo: Marja?  Culture cannot be dictated by artillery and a baton.  It can be defended.  It can be punished.  It can be conquered.  But I wax philosophical.

Mr. President, you have already demonstrated a propensity to bury America in further debt for centuries to come.  You trade immediate gratification and government subsidized quick fixes for municipalities and unfortunates for our grandchildren's future. You are weakening our military position.  You are allowing the Gulf of Mexico to be an epic natural disaster.  You have bowed and cowtowed to corporations, socialists, and special interest groups.  Your ony "victory" to date?  Healthcare.  Really?  Just another vehicle to sink America in the financial quagmire of your confused and destructive policies. 

And you thought your only battle would be the ants at the picnic, didn't you?  Instead, a thunderstorm came and you have elected to stay under the tree as the lightning splits the sky.  God help us all.