Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Writing on Hold--a Choke Hold

I am in a writing rut.  I'm not.  And that essential part of me has been replaced by the obsessive/compulsive video game playing part of my personality.  And it is getting a little bothersome.  My inner nerd has hooked onto first person shooters (like Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare 2) and I can't seem to care about anything else.  Trash needs taken out?  Wait until I am in the pre-game lobby and rush out and do it.  Dinner needs cooked? Just hope I don't burn stuff between games.  Need a shower or use bathroom?  All these must wait until the right moment. Writing?  Who, me? Nope, I gotta get this acheivement before I go to bed.

Sad, but true.  It is my meth, my cocaine, my habit.  I doubt I will ever kick the habit. I can truly see myself kicking Major Buttocks against my grandchildren.  But, I am working hard (in my head, where it counts) to gain a balance.  I need to pursue that which drives me (writing) and put away that which is driving me (video games).  It is the tumor I must excise myself.  But, chances are, it is benign. 

I think that part of me wants to write about games:  video games, board games, Dungeons and Dragons, etc.  I suppose I could dedicate part of this blog to that or to start a blog specifically for that...and I have just decided.  That is what I am going to do:  start another blog just for gaming.  I promise I won't be the first or the best, but if you like gaming, come join me there. 

The best thing about a gaming blog?  I get to write about my obsession.  That's like obsession squared or something.  Wish me luck.