Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Blog

This is the first of many blogs to come. Topics will be all over the map: writing, fishing, reading, Bible, kids, homeschooling, politics, current events, sports, etc.

I am writing several novels (not all at once, but close). The one on which I am currently working is at 1/3 of the rough draft. I know that sounds boring, but as I get the draft finished, I am going to need volunteers to read it. It falls into either "literary fiction," or "commercial fiction." These labels are vague and ambiguous, but basically, the novel will not be genre fiction (mystery, suspense, thriller, fantasy, romance, etc.).

This novel takes place in the cartel-infested country of Colombia (yes, an alliteration). I have the chapter outline finished, but know that it will probably change again. It has changed four times already. But I remain excited and hungry to get this published. I know it is a good story and I feel strongly that I am doing a fine job writing it.

My other novels include a fantasy novel and a historical fiction story about Blennerhassett Island and the legend surrounding Aaron Burr and his attempt to secede from the United States during Thomas Jefferson's presidency. This was AFTER he gunned down Alexander Hamilton in their infamous duel--which has a fascinating history, by the way.

I realize my writing is technically very spread out, but it reflects my interests. History, fantasy, and getting published. That is why I am writing Corruption in Colombia (working title), to get published. It is the most commmercially viable and ready-to-go idea I have in the works. Other ideas present themselves from time-to-time, but I haven't really reacted to them yet.

This blog will be where I will keep everyone updated, market my work, leave my thoughts, information about research I am doing and general "stuff" as it interests me. Hope you enjoy! Tell your friends!