Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Reading

For over thirty years now I have committed to read more during the summer. I try not to fall into the habit of reading too much "fluff" reading--mass paperbacks, westerns, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.  I will pick one or two really "meaty" books, maybe a classic, and sprinkle in the fluff as fillers and buffers. I even find myself reading two or three books at a time (a non-fiction book or my Bible at work for lunch break, a classic or mainstream fiction in the bedroom to read before bed and one in the bathroom for lighter reading).

This summer has been no different. I am still reading, and I have no desire to stop. Maybe this year I will get to the fifty book ceiling that I set for myself each year. It has helped to read some shorter non-fiction books. I am grateful for my wife and her suggestions. Do you set a reading goal? What kind of summer reading do you enjoy?