Monday, March 8, 2010

The air is beginning to feel pre-spring-like and it is getting my fishing bones vibrating.  I can just imagine the trout fighting valiantly on the end of the line, its incandescent sides reflecting like a rainbow as it turns upstream.  Calgon (or Orvis), take me away. 

I am plinking away at my computer, wondering if I will have time this weekend to make a jaunt down to Gore, OK to reel in my limit of trout.  It would certainly be carthartic...relaxing...enjoyable.

Sometimes, I think we create for ourselves a life that is too busy.  A life full of do's.  And, then, sometimes I think we imagine our lives busy when, in fact, they are not.  We dedicate ourselves to recreation.  Watch TV.  Watch a movie.  Read a book.  Play a game.  Watch a game.  The recreation goes on. 

I pray that I may make better choices with my time.  Even at 40, I find myself distracted like that dog on "Up!"--"SQUIRREL!!"  As beneficial as fishing is to me, personally, I need to evaluate its importance.  So, until this weekend, we will see what God plans for me, rather than what I have planned for me.